Saturday, November 7, 2009

What a week, well almost 2!

Stitches and 2 shunts.

His nurse had to use his thunb hand for an IV but she was so nice and left his thumb out.

A lot has happened since my last post. Nicholas had another CT done on Sunday night and it showed that his lateral ventricles were enlarged. His original shunt is in the lateral ventricle. So he had surgery number 10 on Monday to replace his first shunt. We were ready to be discharged on Wednesday but on Monday night he was desatting to the upper 80's, 100 is normal, so they put him on oxygen. He also had low blood pressure so we had to stay another night. He started vomiting again on Tuesday morning so another CT was ordered and his fourth ventricle shunt was over draining. That shunt is programmable so they reprogrammed it to allow more pressure to build up before it drains. That seemed to do the trick but then on Wednesday afternoon he started to vomit again. So they reprogrammed his shunt a second time. Once again, that seemed to make things better and he was discharged Thursday. We got home and he did well that night but vomited again Friday morning. Mark had to go to the pulmonologist office to get Nicholas' Synagis shot for RSV season. After the appointment he stopped by my office and told me Nicholas vomited so I called the neurosurgeon's office. They were able to get us in quickly and ordered another CT. This scan showed his lateral ventricles were enlarged again. His doctor thinks the shunts are still not balanced because his lateral ventricle shunt is brand new and should be working. So he reprogrammed his fourth ventricle shunt again. It is at 180 now and the highest it can be programmed is 200 and when to you get to 200 it is like turning the shunt off. He has been good so far with no vomiting. We have our fingers crossed this is the right setting. Nicholas rolled over for the 2nd time while he was in the hospital.

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