Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mountain Trip

We had a fun weekend in Tennessee. We drove up on Thursday and got there around 2. Nick has a new favorite song. I Like It by Enrique Iglesias. It was on in the car and he was dancing and making happy noises. After we unloaded all the stuff we had to bring for Nicholas we went to the outlet mall. We got his Halloween costume. He is going to be Nemo. While I was getting the costume Mark took Nick to the bathroom to change his diaper. He peed all over the changing table and they didn't have paper towels so he had to clean it up with diapers then Nick got his bum dried of by a hand dryer. Mark and Nick went to the arcade while I shopped. Nick enjoyed the lights on the games and Mark won him a Scooby Do wearing a Tennessee Volunteers jersey. Scooby is his new friend.
Friday we planned to go to Smoky Mountain National Park and up to Clingman's Done which is the highest peak in the Smoky Mountains. We went to the car and had a dead battery. The hotel maintenance guy jumped us and gave us directions to the local Napa. It was a very small store and they didn't have the right battery so they called a local garage. So we were off to some garage in the middle of nowhere Tennessee. They had the battery and installed it for us. There were no banjos playing so it turned out better than we had envisioned. We made it to the park and first walked along a paved trail that the visitor's center recommended since we had a stroller. It was a short walk and we encountered a snake. We think it was a Northern Copperhead one of the two poisonous snakes they have in the park. We looked up the snakes they have there and the picture of the Copperhead looked like what we saw. Then we drove up to Clingman's Dome. It is a beautiful drive with a lot of scenic overlooks you can stop at. The leaves were just starting to change in the higher elevations too. We made it to the top and Nicholas enjoyed the cool mountain breeze. He has always liked wind and laughs and smiles if it is windy. It was about 25 degrees cooler on top of the mountain but he wouldn't wear his jacket. I think he felt too constricted in the stroller with his thick jacket on. It is a half mile hike straight up to get to the dome. A half mile isn't anything but when you are going up such a steep hill it is hard! Mark pushed Nick up the hill and we got to the top. It was sunny and clear out so we could actually see. You can supposedly see seven states from the top on a clear day. This was also our first encounter with a huge family with obnoxious kids running around.
Friday night we walked around Gatlinburg and went the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum. It was kind of boring but Nick enjoyed it. He also liked all the lights on the main parkway in Gatlinburg.
Saturday we went to Ober Gatlinburg. You take a tram up the mountain and they have a bunch of attractions up there. The tram ride was fun and beautiful. We went to the Black Bear Exhibit. Bella looks just like a bear when she sleeps on her side. Nicholas rode his first Merry Go Round and Mark rode the Alpine Slide. They also had ice skating, a playground, water slide, flying swings, and a band if you rode the ski lift up. This was our second encounter with the obnoxious kids. It was like they were following us. We rode the tram back down and just walked around Gatlinburg. There is so much to see and do we didn't have enough time to do much. We got the Old Time Photo done on Saturday. The picture came out really cute but it is missing some money bags and a toy gun. Mark was holding him underneath a black coat. We had money bags and a gun propped up on Nick's legs but they fell off right before they got that picture. His smile is so cute we got it anyways. We also saw the obnoxious family for the third time while waking around. We had a good trip but wish we had a lot more time to do things. We didn't make it to the aquarium with the new penguin exhibit. Next time.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Great Smoky Mountains

We spent a long weekend in the mountains. More to come later.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Therapy Has Been a Bust

The past few weeks Nicholas hasn't done well in therapy. He screams and arches out of the PT positions. His therapists have always said the older kids are the hardest because they can fight back to not do the therapy. They said babies are easiest because they can put them in the positions and they can't get out of them. I wonder if he is getting to the age of being a difficult therapy patient. We do the therapy on our own too, the therapist teaches us what to do and we do it everyday. Speech is the only therapy that he cooperates in. He is doing well too. He is mimicking sounds. Of course he isn't saying the same thing we are but if we say something he will make a noise back- that is very good. On Monday he had an audiology appointment at MUSC. The audiologist put him in the sound booth to test sounds and what he can hear. He responded to all but the very quiet sounds. Yay! She put three new volumes on his implant and was more aggressive with the increases. He cries harder when we turn it on but easily calms down.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

22 Months Old

It has been another slow week for us. Nick only had therapy. He did well in speech. He demonstrated looking for the sound not just hearing it. It is still hit or miss with keeping the implant on. He still cries when we turn it on but it easily distracted by sound. So if he is crying we can turn music on a or toy and he calms down. Nothing new in PT. Still working on sitting and head control. He did well in OT. He has gotten better with transferring from hand to hand. Next Monday he has an appointment at MUSC to get his implant turned up some more. Little boy sure is growing. On our scale he is over 20 pounds. He has outgrown most of his summer clothes, at least on the top. He still fits 12mo in shorts and pants but is up to 18 or 18-24 on top. He has also started hugging. Whenever I pick him up I give him a hug and he has started tightening his arms around me and making a noise after I hug him. Very cute!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sippy Cup Training

Things have been pretty slow for us. We still working on the sippy cup and textured foods. Neither one are working. Nick did well in OT today. We are working on him using his bad hand more and transferring from hand to hand. Speech was ok. He was being ADD and wasn't paying attention to what he was supposed to be paying attention to. His therapist thinks he might have been over stimulated with all the sounds. We turned his CI up to level 4 and he is doing well with it. It is at the highest setting right now. He goes back to MUSC for more mapping on Sept. 13. Tomorrow he has his port flushed. His dentist appointment was rescheduled for October.