Wednesday, September 8, 2010

22 Months Old

It has been another slow week for us. Nick only had therapy. He did well in speech. He demonstrated looking for the sound not just hearing it. It is still hit or miss with keeping the implant on. He still cries when we turn it on but it easily distracted by sound. So if he is crying we can turn music on a or toy and he calms down. Nothing new in PT. Still working on sitting and head control. He did well in OT. He has gotten better with transferring from hand to hand. Next Monday he has an appointment at MUSC to get his implant turned up some more. Little boy sure is growing. On our scale he is over 20 pounds. He has outgrown most of his summer clothes, at least on the top. He still fits 12mo in shorts and pants but is up to 18 or 18-24 on top. He has also started hugging. Whenever I pick him up I give him a hug and he has started tightening his arms around me and making a noise after I hug him. Very cute!

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  1. Wow guys!! The hugging thing is sooo wonderful!! It's the best feeling in the world to have the person you love most in this entire crazy world, to wrap their little arms around you and squeeze, just to show they love you. Oh and when you hear the words without asking them or saying i love you first. Gah, that is the amazing part. Brayden and I pray for Nick every night before he goes to bed. He is really an inspiration. He is awesome and one day, he will wrap his little arms around your neck, kiss you on the cheek, and say "i love you mommy"! I am praying for that day!! :) Good Luck with everything!!!