Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sippy Cup Training

Things have been pretty slow for us. We still working on the sippy cup and textured foods. Neither one are working. Nick did well in OT today. We are working on him using his bad hand more and transferring from hand to hand. Speech was ok. He was being ADD and wasn't paying attention to what he was supposed to be paying attention to. His therapist thinks he might have been over stimulated with all the sounds. We turned his CI up to level 4 and he is doing well with it. It is at the highest setting right now. He goes back to MUSC for more mapping on Sept. 13. Tomorrow he has his port flushed. His dentist appointment was rescheduled for October.

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  1. the pictures of him playing with his sippy cup! LOL! I give you soooo much credit...Kenny is just now showing some interest in a sippy cup...just a little. Love reading your blog and the updates on Nick. He is such a little miracle...and cute to top it off!