Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Nick went swimming for the first time last weekend. He did not enjoy it. The first time in the water he closed his eyes and was either falling asleep or closing them in hopes that the big bad bathtub would go away. We took him out and he was happy. Mark tried a few more times and each time Nick protested. The only part of the pool he like was when our friend Misty put him on her legs and raised them in and out of the water.

Speech has been going well. He responded better to all of the ling 6 sounds this week. We are supposed to work on him looking for sounds now rather than just showing us he heard them. We want to see him look around and find where the sound came from. We are also supposed to play music and make him dance then turn it off and say "I don't hear it." Then turn it back on and say "I hear it" while pointing to our ear. We are looking for him to show us he notices when the music is turned off and on. His therapist said he is around the 3 month age range for his hearing. That is great because he hasn't even been activated for 2 months. It has been a better week with him leaving the implant alone. Hopefully he is getting used to the sound and it isn't as scary.
PT was a scream fest this week because he hadn't napped. When this therapist was doing her paperwork Mark put Nick in his crib and he fell right asleep. He lucked out on OT, his therapist has food poisoning so it was canceled.

All the paperwork has been submitted for his "corner chair." It's a chair his OT wants him to have because it will support his head unlike any chair we could buy. It also has a table so he can play while he is sitting in it. Now we have to wait on both insurance companies and Medicaid to either pay for it or deny it. Baby Net should pay for whatever isn't covered. It may be a few months before he gets it.

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