Monday, August 9, 2010

Long Time, No Update

Nick and Grandma T.New bean bag chair.




Please don't brush my teeth.

This is what I do with my froggy when my diaper is being changed.

Nap time.

Going back to my last post to start the updates. Nicholas saw his audiologist for a mapping session of his cochlear implant. She made four new settings which are louder than the first four. We are still turning him up each week but can extend that if we think he isn't tolerating it. He had a hard time going up to level four with the original settings and a little bit of a hard time with level two with the current settings. He is getting used to it and we can try three later this week.

He also had appointments with the GI doctor and pulmonologist. His GI doctor took him off one of the meds that was for healing the little holes in his esophagus. He also increased to dose of his gall stone medication because he has gained weight. He was happy with his weight gain too. He wants another ultrasound of his gall stone but nothing is scheduled yet. The pulmonologist said his lungs sound great. He still had chronic lung disease but will eventually grow out of that. The doctor said that if he were to biopsy his lung tissue and compare it to another child's who wasn't born so premature Nick's lung tissue would look different. Nothing to worry about though. He said he should qualify for Synagis again this year and doesn't have an appointment until October for the shot. Nicholas also had his monthly port flushing appointment and speech and OT. This week is just the three therapies. He actually doesn't have a doctor's appointment until his port flush in September.

Grandma T came to visit for the week. Nicholas showed her all his tricks like pulling his CI off and putting everything in his mouth except food. We also had professional pictures taken. I'll have to scan and upload those.

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  1. Hey
    Nicholas looks like he has grown a ton. Look at all that hair. He is so cute. Glad to see things are good.
    TAKE CARE!!!