Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bad Blogger

I haven't blogged lately because nothing is going on. Nick doesn't have any doctor appointments until September. He has had his weekly PT, OT, and ST. He is doing well in all therapies. He is now responding to all 6 of the ling 6 sounds we have been working on. He still doesn't like his implant. He gets so mad when we turn it on but calms down after we distract him with something. He is constantly pulling the implant off so it really is a challenge to keep it on. He is making a lot more sounds when he keeps the implant on. We have been practicing with a sippy cup which is a huge mess. He will hold it and put it in his mouth but then he holds it upside down with his teeth so it spills everywhere. We will keep trying. Finger foods are still horrible. He doesn't even want to touch food. He will put anything in his mouth if it isn't food but as soon as he tastes something he spits it out or gags.

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