Sunday, December 13, 2009


This was the week for approvals. First Nicholas was approved for the hearing aid program through Children's Rehabilitative Services. They are going to pay for his hearing aids. Then the next day he got approval for TEFRA Medicaid. This is Medicaid that is based on his disabilities rather than our income. He is covered by insurance too but having Medicaid is a nice safety thing to have especially since it will cover his cochlear implant. Then we found out that insurance already approved payment for 70% of his Theratogs and Medicaid should pick up the rest.

On Tuesday Mark and Nicholas met his physical therapist at Capital Prosthetics to get fitted for Theratogs. Those are going to be interesting to work with but they are going to help his muscles learn to work like they are supposed to. Since insurance already said they will pay as soon as the Theratogs come in they are ours. On Wednesday he got his monthly Synagis shot. He had OT after the shot and was not happy so that session ended early. We made next month's appointment on a Friday so he won't have PT or OT on the same day. On Friday he had a check up at the Neurosurgeon. Everything is good with his shunts and his doctor was very happy to see him doing so well. He sent us to get a CT of his brain so they have a good scan on file to compare to the next time he has a shunt problem.

This week he has PT, OT and a check up with the Pulmonologist. And, he is getting his hearing aids on Thursday. I can't believe his audiologist was able to get us in so fast. One step closer to him being able to hear.

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