Monday, October 11, 2010


Nicholas had his first dentist appointment last week. I really had no idea what to expect and even thought he might have to be sedated, but no sedation and it was better than expected. They had me sit in the dental chair and hold him on my chest. The first thing the dentist asked when she saw his teeth was if he takes vitamins with iron. He does. She thinks the discoloration is all stain from his vitamins and that she can get it off over time. We mix the vitamins with his food but they still stain his teeth. She was able to do a quick cleaning. It was just like the cleanings we get with the little cup of paste and the spinny brush. He actually made happy noises during that, probably tickled him. The she scrapped a little and he was done. The screaming started so she stopped but got in a fluoride treatment. She wants him to come back in three months to do some more. His front teeth already look so much better. We can use kids toothpaste with fluoride instead of baby toothpaste. It isn't easy brushing his teeth but we try.

He also had an appointment with the gastroenterologist . He weighed 20 lb, 5 oz and they measured him at 32 inches. The doctor is happy with his weight gain and ordered an ultrasound of his gallstone. He is scheduled to get the Synagis shot again this year. I didn't think he would qualify but the pulmonologist's office said he does. His first shot it at the end of the month.

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