Thursday, March 31, 2011

We Have Been Busy

Getting into trouble at work. He knocked over his pod, took a lid off a box and pulled a basket off a shelf.

He is all ove the house with his walker now!

I can't believe it is the last day of March already! Since my last post a lot has been going on. I left off with Nicholas going to the allergy doctor. Well we were wrong about peaches and mangoes. We thought he was allergic to pitted fruits because he was getting a rash around his mouth whenever he ate them. He isn't allergic. I brought peaches, mangoes, prunes, and peas to be tested. He was fine with everything except peas! How weird is that? I asked if we should stay away from anything else and the doctor said beans and nuts since they are all legumes. He is already allergic to milk so he has a lot of soy products. I asked about that since soy comes from a bean. So he went a head and retested him for soy and peanuts. He was negative for both. Thank goodness. It would be really hard to avoid both milk and soy. He said that peaches and mangoes can cause a skin reaction similar to posion ivy. We are still avoiding them even if he isn't allergic.

Nicholas got his last Synagis shot ever this month. He won't need them next year.

He also had a double ear infection. He kept pulling his CI off so I emailed his audiologist so see if she had any suggestions. She said a lot of times kids will do that when they have ear infections. So I took him to the doctor and sure enough, double ear infection. That was on a Monday and he still had a low fever on Friday so I took him to the weekend clinic on Saturday. One ear was still infected so he was given a stronger antibiotic. He actually went back to the doctor today. He has been crabby and had a low fever again. I wanted to make sure his ears were ok. They are but he is cutting three molars right now. It is so hard to look in his mouth we couldn't tell.

Glad it isn't his ears. Nicholas lost his early interventionist this month. We also learned this week that he is losing his physical therapist. They have someone in mind as her replacement but he don't know anything yet. If that doesn't work out we will probably have to find a clinic. They both will really be missed.

Yesterday Nicholas was fitted for his arm brace. His occupational therapist wants him to wear it to keep his hand open. He keeps his left hand in a fist and it gets really tight. It is going to be a challenge to keep it on him. He slipped his hand out of it in just a few minutes. We are going to try it while he is sleeping.

Grandma and Grandpa came down from Chicago for spring break. It was a nice visit and we had perfect weather. It was in the 80's the whole week.

The March of Dimes called us last week to see if we would tell our story at Blue Cross Blue Shield. They were having the kick off for their company team and wanted a local family to share with them. It was an honor to be asked to do this. Nicholas was adorable and showed off his tricks. I could tell our story really touched some people. There were tears in the audience and one lady came up to talk to me and gave me a hug. It was a great experience. Don't forget to help us raise money for the March for Babies. You can click in the box on the top right of the page or use this link. I will add pictures later and try to update more often!

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