Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We went on our first over night trip last weekend. Nicholas' pediatrician gave us permission to stay at a hotel if we brought the pack n play and sanitized everything. We stayed in a suite so we had a fridge and microwave, that helped with bottles. We had a good time but needed a 3 day weekend because we ran out of time to do everything we wanted to do. It was also amazing how much stuff we had just for one night. First we stopped in Hilton Head Island to go to the outlet mall. We tried Nicholas in the stroller without the car seat to keep him cooler. He kept turning his head all the way up and to the side so he went back in the car seat. He seemed comfortable with his head like that but it didn't look very comfortable. He had a poopy accident there. I took him out of the stroller and his bottom was wet, I thought it was a pee accident until I took his shorts off and there was poop all over. That was really gross and we were changing him in the back of the Jeep so it wasn't very easy.

After the outlets we went to Savannah. That is our favorite place to go for a weekend. It is such a beautiful and historic city, we love it. We forgot to bring the baby carrier that you can wear and Savannah is not stroller friendly. There are a lot of cobblestone roads and sidewalks. We had to go down a big hill of cobblestone to get to the river front. Mark carried Nicholas while I tried to get the stroller down the hill. It wasn't very easy but we got there. We snuck through a hotel to avoid going up the cobblestone hill on the way back to our hotel. While we were getting dinner we had a screaming baby in a restaurant. Mark thought it was funny because we were that family for the first time. There weren't many people in there so it was fine. We went on a ghost tour and Nicholas did good for about half of it and then got fussy so I carried him during the tour. Little man is getting heavy! We tried to watch some of the Carolina game at an outside restaurant after the tour but Nicholas had other plans so we watched it at our hotel. The next morning Mark let Nicholas try some yogurt and he loved it. I bought some Yo Baby Yogurt and he has eaten just about the whole container each time. Overall, we had a good trip. It is a lot different traveling with a baby.

Nicholas went to the pulmonologist today. His lungs sound great but he is going to keep him on Flovent through RSV season. He gets his first Synagis shot next month and will get one each month until RSV season is over. He weighed 16 pounds today. Still no teeth!


  1. I'm so glad to hear you all enjoyed a successful overnighter! Nicholas is getting so big! Hugs, Anita

  2. Super cute!! I think he would much rather suck his thumb than work on keeping his head up! Sweet boy:)