Thursday, September 10, 2009


We took Nicholas to the pediatrician yesterday because of his weird poop thing. He has been going like 5 times a day and it is a lot looser than his normal 1 time a day. The doctor said it is from teething and saw 2 teeth coming in on the top. His bad diaper rash has caused a yeast infection so she gave us a prescription cream to use twice a day and said to use Aquaphor at each diaper change. We have bought more butt stuff in the past 2 weeks than we will ever need! At least we will be prepared when he gets more teeth along with the weird poop. He weighed 15 lb. 9 oz.

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  1. Nicholas gets cuter with each new picture. Be sure to warn Bella to keep her ears and tail away from Nicholas' new choppers!! Love, Aunt Pat Matthews