Saturday, April 17, 2010

Therapy and a Check Up

This week was pretty quiet. Nicholas had early intervention on Monday. He is due for his annual review so we are going to do that next week. He has PT on Tuesday. He wasn't happy during it and didn't cooperate very much. On Friday he had Speech therapy. His therapist wants to hold off on working on eating until he has his swallow study. I haven't heard anything about that yet so we don't know when it will be. She doesn't think he gags on food because of the texture. He will touch different textures and put different textured toys in his mouth so she thinks it is a coordination thing. She said that when he has chunky food in his mouth he might not really know what to do with it and gags rather than chews. He has good days and bad days with chunky foods so we keep trying chunky stuff. If he gags or throw up we stop and go back to a stage 2 food. She recommended a toy to get for him. It looks like the letter P so he can hold on to it and put the other end in his mouth. It has different textures and he can chew on it.

He also had a check up with his neurosurgeon. He did his usually feeling and pushing on his shunts and head. He said everything is healing well. He wants to have a CT done soon to have a baseline scan of his brain with the shunts working properly and the ventricles a normal size. He goes back in 3 months. He has never made it to the 3 month check up without a malfunction happening so cross your fingers he makes it this time.

The March for Babies is next Saturday. We are excited about the walk and have met our goal of raising $500 for the March of Dimes. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. We can still raise more money this week so if you are still thinking about donating click on the link at the top of the blog or here. . We will take lots of pictures at the walk.

Blogger isn't let me upload pictures again. I will try again later.

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