Monday, April 26, 2010

March for Babies

Thank you to everyone who donated to our walk. We surpassed our first goal of $500 and our new goal of $1,000. We raised a total of $1,117 for the March of Dimes and we are so grateful for every one's generosity. Unfortunately it rained on Saturday so we had a very wet walk. We walked about half of it and the rain kept coming down harder so we turned around. Everyone got drenched except for Nicholas and his buddy Patrick. Thank you to Grandma Matthews, Matt, Misty, Patrick, Binky, Kasey, and Tammy for coming out to the walk. We still had a great time despite the rain.

Of course it cleared up in the afternoon so we went to the Sparkleberry Country Fair. They had rides and animals so Nicholas will really enjoy it in a few years.

The past week was pretty slow and he had his usual PT, OT, and Speech. He did well with all three. He is a rolling machine now. As soon as he is on the floor he is rolling. He also has 5 teeth coming in. Two top molars, one bottom molar, and two more bottom teeth in the front.

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