Monday, May 3, 2010

Almost went to the Hospital

Nicholas woke up around 5 am on Sunday vomiting. He wasn't acting like he was in pain when he has a shunt malfunction so we didn't know what to think. He kept vomiting until about 8 and wouldn't eat. He was happy and laughing but throwing up. We decided to go to the ER and get a scan done, but I tried feeding him right before we were going to leave and he drank his bottle and kept it down. So we didn't go to the ER and decided to see how he was the rest of the day. He ate ok and didn't have any vomiting. We are thinking that he had a food allergy reaction. He had 4 containers of food on Saturday that had mangoes in them. He has spit up after eating peaches too so we are going to avoid all pitted fruits. We also used a different brand of rice cereal on Sat. This one had sunflower oil in it compared to soybean oil in the other brand. So we pitched the new brand and got more of the old just in case it was the sunflower oil. He has been happy and eating so we hope whatever was going on is gone.

Nicholas did really we with his therapies last week. His OT brings an exercise ball for him and lays him on his stomach on it. It really works his neck and trunk muscles because if he wants to see something he really has to lift his head up since it in lower than the rest of his body on the ball. She is also looking into getting him a brace for his left arm. He doesn't use that arm much and keeps his hand in a fist. He would wear the brace at night to keep his hand open. She is also going to try to get a Big Mack Switch for him to try. It is a big button that attaches to a toy and he touches the button to make something happen. She said the company usually will let patients test the products before buying them so she is going to see if we can get one to try.
He had an appointment with the Pulmonologist, lung doctor, on Thursday. He took him off of FloVent. His lungs sound great and he isn't on any meds for them anymore. He is still on the FloVent for the GI doctor so we still have to give it to him. FloVent, which is an inhaled steroid, is supposed to help heal his esophagus.

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