Monday, May 10, 2010

Cochlear Implant Pre-Op

Last week Nicholas had is usual PT, OT, and Speech. He did well in all three. On Thursday we went to MUSC for his Pre-Op appointment. First we met with the audiologist to do a sound booth test with his hearing aids in. He didn't respond to any of the sounds. Then we met with the doctor. He seemed hesitant to go ahead with the surgery next month. He was worried that since Nicholas' shunts had to be moved to the other side of his head they might have to be moved again. The implant goes in the same place as the shunt tubing so that would cause a problem. He said we could wait 6 months and see how the shunts are but he agreed to do the surgery next month. He also warned us of the risk of meningitis from the surgery. There is CSF in the inner ear so if he gets an infection there it could travel to his shunts and cause a shunt infection. Then his shunts would have to be removed until the infection is gone. He said he has a few other patients with shunts and they haven't had any problems. He also said that it is being optimistic saying Nicholas has a 50% chance of having a successful outcome with the implant. Nicholas has to learn to listen and respond so he has to have the cognitive ability to do that. I felt like he was thinking Nicholas might have mental retardation and that would be why it wouldn't work. He isn't showing any signs of mental retardation and we feel that he will benefit from the implant. Surgery is scheduled for June 9. The audiologist will turn the implant on 3-4 weeks after surgery and do the first round of mapping. The implant he is getting is the Nucleus 5.

Grandma Terri and Grandpa Stan we down for a short visit this weekend. Aunt Jacy graduated from Appalachian State so they were here for a few days and in Boone, NC for a few days. It was a nice visit. Grandma Matthews came over yesterday for Mother's Day.

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