Monday, May 31, 2010

It Was a Busy Week.

We had an appointment everyday last week. First was the GI doctor which I posted about already. Tuesday Nicholas had his usual Speech and PT. He did well with both. He was a little crabby during speech but I think it is because it is at 8am and he is just getting up. He usually gets up and eats then takes a short nap after breakfast. Speech is right during that time so it can be hard for him. Wednesday he had an ultrasound of his gall badder to check on the gallstone. He still has it and it is the same size. It looked like a little bean on the ultrasound. The GI doctor said it could take over a year for the medicine to break it down. As long as it isn't getting bigger or causing him pain it is fine. We had to cancel OT this week because of work. We felt bad but what can we do. Thursday he had his 18 month well visit with the pediatrician. She is very pleased with him. He gained a pound and grew a little since his last visit. He is back on track after loosing weight during his long hospital stay. He had to get 2 shots and started screaming when the nurse walked in with them. It was like he knew she was going to cause pain. The doctor agreed that we need to figure out was he has an allergy to and not just assume it is milk. She is going to set up allergy testing. Thank you Dr. B. We thought it was so stupid that the GI doctor is guessing at what the allergy is and said he will throw up if he is allergic to something and keep him on the expensive EleCare that he hates. It smells like rotten potatoes so I don't blame him for not wanting to drink it. She said the EleCare is great for calories and allergies but it doesn't have all the vitamins and minerals that milk or formula have. So we are keeping him on his multivitamin. She also said to test his stool to see if it floats or sinks. It if floats he could be laking Calcium. It suck so he is ok. She said to keep his car seat backwards until he can sit up on his own. He doesn't have to go back for a well visit until he is two but she want us to bring him in for weight checks once a month. On Friday he had an appointment with the Theratogs guy. The vest part has gotten too short and is like a belly shirt on him. He was very happy with Nick's progress using the Theratogs. The leg part fits him fine and the vest going around him fits so he added a piece so the vest will attach to the leg part again. He also gave us some new straps since ours were wearing out.

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  1. Nicholas is so dang cute. I love the first picture. DJ sucks his thumb when he is tried. I think it is cute :-)
    I am glad the his ped is going to have an allergy test done. I hate he has to drink that yucky stuff and expensive.
    You guys take care