Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy Week

Last week was pretty slow. Nicholas has EI, speech, PT and OT. They all come to our house so they are easy appointments since we don't have to run around places. He did well.

We have a busy week ahead of us. Today he had an appointment with the GI doctor. He was actually seen by the nurse practitioner. They are keeping him on EleCare which he won't drink. We brought that up and she told us to increase the calories to 30 an ounce. That is what we were making it so she either didn't read the chart or that wasn't in it. So that got us nowhere with him not wanting to drink. They think he has a milk allergy but won't do allergy testing. He never had any problems with his formula but they found the EE, but how can they be sure it is milk without testing? He never threw up the formula so he wasn't showing signs of a milk allergy. We are weaning the Carafate by one dose every 5 days. If he does well without that we will wean the Prevacid. He gained a pound in the two months since his last visit but didn't grow in length.

He has Early Intervention tonight. Tomorrow is speech and PT. Wednesday we have to cancel OT because of work conflicts. He has an ultrasound of his gallbladder and liver Wednesday morning. Not sure why they are looking at his liver but they will check on his gallstone. Thursday he has his 18 month well visit at the pediatrician. Hopefully she can help us with the not wanting to drink and maybe allergy testing. Friday he has an appointment with the Theratogs guy. The vest part has turned into a belly shirt (But he isn't growing?) and some of the straps have worn out.

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