Friday, June 18, 2010

Dream Night at the Zoo and More

The weekend before Nicholas' surgery was pretty busy. First we had to get a new car because our old 1998 Avenger wasn't worth fixing. Nicholas did really well for spending the whole day out of the house. After buying a new car we went to Dream Night at the Zoo. Dream Night is a worldwide event for chronically ill and disabled children. He must have qualified for chronically ill since he spent so long in the hospital this year. Anyways, the event is a private event just for these kids and their families. They had a Hawaiian theme and it was really nice. All the animal exhibits were open and they had some exhibits with zoo workers talking about the animals. We watched the penguin one and part of the gorilla. They had all the extra things to do like pony rides, train rides, feeding the giraffes and lorakeets, and wall climbing free of charge. They even built a beach in the middle of the playground area. There were a lot of games for the kids and hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner with a Hawaiian band. Each kid got a goody bag too. I was a really nice thing to do for these kids and I'm sure it is the only time some of them get out and are able to have fun. Nicholas stayed in the stroller but if he is invited again I'm sure he will enjoy it when he is older. The day after the zoo was the NICU graduates party. We saw some of his old nurses and one of the families we became friends with. We didn't stay long because Nicholas was crabby but it was still nice to go.

He is healing well from his surgery. We can take his sterile strips off next week or wait until they fall off. He had a bit of an upset stomach from the antibiotic for a few days but it passed and he just finished the antibiotic. A big surprise was the doctor himself called last weekend to check on him! That is a first. With all his shunt malfunctions we never had the doctor call to check on him and this doctor did. Must be why he is one of the best in the country. Cochlear implant activation day is July 1! This is the day they will turn it on and he should be able to hear. So exciting! Nicholas had speech and OT this week. We skipped PT to let him have some more time to rest and recover. We also got an appointment with the allergy doctor for July 8. This doctor specialized in food allergies so hopefully he can figure out what caused the eosinophilic esophagitis.

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