Saturday, June 26, 2010

Slow Week

This week was slow. Nicholas only had his three therapy appointments. Some people probably think three appointments a week is a lot but for us it is a quiet week. He is getting to be a little stinker during therapy. In PT he was crying so hard his therapist thought he might be hurting so she stopped. He got this look on his face like ha ha, I know how to make you stop. In OT he played opossum and acted like he was sleeping to get her to stop. He also decided he was bored with putting toys in a box so he pushed it away. His occupational therapist ordered him a chair that will fully support his head and it has a table top on it. This way he can play with toys sitting up and not have to concentrate on holding his head up. His ear has healed nicely. The steri strips are still stuck on him but we are going to leave them so we don't accidentally pull the incision open. Hopefully baths and holding a wet wash cloth on them will loosen up the adhesive. They stink from the dried blood. Next week is the big week- CI activation. Thursday we head down to MUSC and his cochlear implant will be tuned on.

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