Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Equipement and FTT

Not a fan of winter gear.

Last week Nicholas had an appointment with the GI doctor. He isn't gaining weight and growing like he should be so he diagnosed him Failure to Thrive. He said to give him fish and add olive oil to his food. He also said to add protein powder to his food. Of course most protein powder has milk in it so I wasn't able to find any. Grandma T got some at Whole Foods that is milk free. I can't wait to go to Whole Foods later this month. It is going to be a dairy free wonderland! He has been doing well with the tuna. We are adding Miracle Whip so it is like tuna salad baby food. Looks gross but Mark said it doesn't taste bad.

His feeding therapist came by to go over his swallow study. He has a safe swallow meaning he isn't aspirating into his lungs but it is very uncoordinated. He has residue left in his mouth that takes several swallows to get rid of. He also has premature spillage into his throat. That means the food is going down by gravity rather than him forming a bolus and making a swallow. We really didn't get any new news. He is uncoordinated and has texture issues. So no feeding therapy and we are to work on de-sensitising his mouth.
Nicholas did really well at AV therapy today. It is affiliated with USC so they are going on winter break for 4 weeks. Since they like Nick, the instuctor said she will try to come in to see him while they are on break.

The Giraffe Stander
Yesterday during PT, a rep from an equipment company came out to measure Nicholas for his wheel chair and stander. He has to start getting his therapy through the school system as soon as he turns 3 so his therapist wanted to go ahead and order the wheel chair since it can take forever to come in sometimes. It looks like a stroller so that is pretty cool. The stander on the other hand, looks like a torture device.
The Stingray Wheel Chair

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