Monday, December 20, 2010

Where Does the Time Go

I can't believe Christmas is this week! We are headed to Chicago on Wednesday. Nicholas, Grandma T, and I are driving. Mark is going to fly up there and drive back home with me. Hopefully Nicholas will do well during the long car ride.

He went to the Audiologist last Monday for a hearing check up. His implant is at 80% volume right now. He goes back in six months. She changed the settings on his processor and now it doesn't turn off on its own. If we took the coil off his head the processor used to turn off after about a minute to save the batteries. I thought something was wrong with it so I called Cochlear and they were going to send us a new one. We put his back up one on and it was doing the same thing. I called Cochlear again and they had me sync the processor with the remote and were able to see what was going on with it. His audiologist accidentally put it on advanced settings instead of simple. It works fine we just have to turn it off on our own. No big deal but i think we will go through batteries faster since Nick likes to rip it off his head and if we don't see him do it it will still be turned on draining the batteries.

We heard back from the GI doctor about his stool sample. There was no blood in his stool but it was very acidic. He said that means he isn't absorbing something. He wants to do another GI scope to see if something is going on with the small bowel. That is scheduled for Dec. 30. He will have to be sedated for it.

He finally got his first Synagis shot last Friday. His appointment was Oct. 22 but it took two months for the doctor's office to get someone at the insurance company to agree to let them use the medicine in the office rather than ship it just for him. This avoided us having to pay for 50% of the cost of the shot. The shots are over $2,000 each and he is supposed to get six of them. He will only get four because it took so long to get the first one. He was 22lb 2 oz at the Pulmonologist's office when he got the shot. He has never been over 22 pounds on any scale so he gained some weight. The tuna salad and olive oil must be packing on the pounds.

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