Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Long Needed Update

Little Boy Got His First Real Haircut.

Not much has been going on with us. Nicholas had another dentist appointment. She wasn't able to do much because he wasn't cooperating. She said the stain on his teeth is deep but it should lighten up over time. She was able to scrap a little and put fluoride on his teeth. He also had his second Synagis shot. Mark and I caught our colds from Nick and we had it way worse. The Synagis shot really helped. Maybe he gave us RSV. He also had a port flush. They finally got blood return this month. They haven't gotten any blood the past few months and had to give him a medication last month to try to break up any clots that might be in the line. It must have worked because they got blood this time. He also had a check up with the Neurosurgeon. He is happy with him and happy that the big golf ball size lump on his head went down. The CT looked that same as before he adjusted the shunt in November. He goes back in six months. Next week he has his annual check up with the eye doctor.

One thing that is really awesome is that Nick has started to do an inch worm/army crawl thing on his tummy to get to toys. He is also standing straight up in his pod while he holds on to the front of it for balance. He looks so tall when he does that! He also moves backwards around the kitchen in his walker. All very good things for his development. His physical therapist said his wheel chair and stander are in so we are waiting on a call from the medical equipment company to set up delivery. He hasn't been doing very good with his ear lately. He keeps taking the coil off his head. It is pretty frustrating because it is so hard to keep it on him and this isn't helping his learning to hear. We are supposed to get a replacement part for his original processor today. The wire connecting the coil on his head to the sound processor was broken. Maybe going back to his beat up old one will help.

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  1. Yay, an update! Have you tried him in an exersaucer? He would go into it pretty much like his pod, and there would be things for him to play with. Hope he is still drinking the Splash!