Monday, February 7, 2011


Nicholas had his annual checkup with the eye doctor last week. He determined he is nearsighted and wrote him a prescription for glasses. They put lenses up to his eyes and look with a light and see a reflection when the right prescription is held up. He is -1.5 in each eye which the doctor said isn't bad. He even put letters on the wall and the lenses up to my eyes so I could see how Nick does. I couldn't read the letters so glasses will definitely help. The doctor said if we don't think he will tolerate them we don't need to get them yet. If Medicaid will pay for them we may as well get them now. We haven't gone to the eye glass store yet but will get there one of these days.

His early interventionist is going to try to get him an evaluation with a different feeding therapist. We didn't think the one who saw him was very helpful so we are going to get a second opinion. He is still eating stage 2 baby food and gags on anything that has texture. It only has to touch his tongue and he gags, he isn't choking on it. He has been doing well in PT and even showed off his commando crawling. Speech has been getting better but we are still having a hard time with his ear. He doesn't want to wear it at all. OT hasn't been going very well. It is right after Speech so we are going to move it to Thursdays to see if that helps. We think having Speech and OT back to back is too much for him. Now he will have his 3 therapies on 3 different days.

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