Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh My, A Blog Post!

He even does his trick with mixing bowls.

Playing with an M&M bag.

Enjoying Home Depot.

He likes to take things off the table and and drop them over the side of his high chair.

Sitting in a big boy chair.

Still enjoys the diaper dance.

Look at his arm. He got it out from under the strap. Trying to escape the stroller.

Here he is taking the stroller apart. He figured out how to undo the Velcro holding the shade on.

Nick's new wheels.

Yes, I know it is blurry, but he was so excited about his new wheelchair.

The wheelchair is awesome. He sits up so well in it.

I have been slack with the blog posts. We just aren't very exciting people. We have our routine and that is about it. We went to a few eyeglass places to try and get Nick's glasses. They only had designer glasses for older kids. We aren't going to buy Ralph Lauren glasses so he can roll over them and break them the first day. One of our friends said she gets her daughter's glasses at the eye doctor's office. I called and they do have an optical center. The lady there said they have one brand that she has never seen anyone break but they aren't covered by Medicaid. We don't have vision insurance so we will have to pay for them out of pocket. The price isn't bad so we are going to go see what they are like and probably order the free Medicaid pair too so we have a backup.
Last week Nick had a GI scope done. The Eosinophilic Esophagitis is back so he probably has another food allergy. We noticed that when he ate peaches he would gag more and sometimes vomit. He also would get red on his face where the food touched. We aren't giving him peaches anymore and have also stopped apricots and cherries since they all have pits. He has an appointment with the allergist next month. We have to bring a peach in so he can be tested for an allergy. He has actually started eating better since we cut out all pitted fruits. He still enjoys his mix of tuna, olive oil, and protein powder and is drinking so much better. Our friends from the NICU gave us some Neocate Splash which is like EleCare but flavored. He likes it and it is high calorie so hopefully it will help him gain some weight. I already ordered another case of it. Thanks Wicker Family!
He had a feeding therapy evaluation this week. The therapist seems to have some good ideas and seems interested in working with him. She said he is going to do a lot of food playing and it is going to get messy. Now he has therapy four days a week!

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