Sunday, January 24, 2010

CI Surgery Date

This is how we found Nicholas this morning. I broke the ties on the bumper changing his sheets so we took it out since he would pull it on top of himself. Guess I need to sew the ties back on.

Nicholas' audiologist emailed me and asked if we can do his cochlear implant surgery on March 9. I told her yes! I wasn't expecting the surgery to be until at least April so this was a nice surprise. We go back to MUSC Feb. 1 to meet with the audiologist, the surgeon, and a speech therapist.
Last week he had OT and a speech evaluation, PT was canceled. The speech therapist is going to work on eating right now until he gets the implant. Hopefully she can help him with table food since he gags and vomits every time we have try table food. His favorite is still apple/blueberry and yogurt. One of the other preemie moms gave me the idea of pudding so we are going to try that too.
This week his PT session is going to be with the Theratog guy. His therapist will be there too and they will decide if we should keep the straps like they are now or if they want to try a new configuration. He is supposed to have Speech right before PT but we forgot about the Theratog appointment so we have to call the speech therapist to see if she wants to do a half session or start next week. He is going to have speech and PT back to back but it should be ok since speech isn't physical work. He also has early intervention and OT.

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