Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hearing Aids

Nicholas got his hearing aids last Thursday. We can't really tell if he can hear anything or not. We have to do a hearing aid trial before he can get the cochlear imlant to prove that even with hearing aids he doesn't have enough usable hearing to not need the implant. We turned the radio up really loud in the car on the way home and he looked like he might have heard it but he could have felt the bass vibration too. When we got home we banged pots and pans together and he looked up each time. We tried it again the next day and he didn't do anything so who knows if he can hear a tiny bit or not. We got back on Feb. 1 to meet with the audiologist and to go in the sound booth with the aids on, he also has to have a speech evaluation done at MUSC and we will meet with the surgeon too. Hopefully we will have a surgery date when we are done with our next visit.

This week he has Early Intervention, PT, OT, an appointment with the Theratogs guy and a Synagis shot.

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