Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back to the doctor today

We took Nicholas to his pediatrician today. There is some swelling around his shunt and we want to make sure there isn't a problem. His doctor thought that if he is retaining fluids some could have collected at the shunt. She said that if his lungs sounded crackly and if his oxygen saturation was low she would give him a dose of Lasix to see if that helped. His lungs sounded fine and he was satting at 93%. So he didn't need any Lasix. He isn't showing any signs of infection or shunt failure so we need to have the neurosurgeon check it out. We are going to see him on Friday. It could be nothing or if there is something wrong with his shunt he will need to have it fixed. So in the mean time if the swelling gets worse we have to call the neurosurgeon and if he gets a fever or continuous vomiting we have to call the pediatrician.

Other than that everything has been good. He is really getting louder and he is cooing a lot. I can already see a big difference in him being at home. I took a video of him in his swing but I can't put it on the computer because our hard drive is full. I will work on that later and try to clear up some space for it.


  1. Hope the swelling goes away and nothing is wrong. Nicholas seems to be doing so well being at home. I heard him making baby noises over the phone today. It was so exciting!

  2. Nicholas looks great. So happy he is home. They really do thrive when they come home. DJ did a 180 once he came home.
    Being on the heart monitor and oxygen is a challenge. You are stuck to an outlet :-) You can't just pick up the little guy and walk into the next room, to make a bottle, etc. Without unplugging, winding up all the cords, get the pack on urself, oh and the portable really portable, then picking up the baby and then going without tripping or tangling urself up. Then u get to were u going and well you have no extra hands.
    We are constantly pulling the leads :-) Now DJ will just pull them off. I try to run the wire down his pant leg and yet in a matter of a sec he has them and is pulling them. Of course he thinks it is funny.
    DJ made a mess also, now his mess is because of reflux. I invest in bibs. I had a few decorative ones, but found some at target and at walmart that are fabric on the front and plastic on the back. They are wonderful. SO we go thur those instead of cloths, which of course he has outgrown all of. I think I only spent $10 on a pack of 8-10 bibs. Walmarts are cute, they have little sayings on them.
    I am sorry about the swelling and hopes thing are fine.
    Well DJ is a calling!!!