Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good Eating

Nicholas did great with his bottles yesterday and finished all eight of them. He has done well so far today too. They switched him over to regular oxygen and is at 1/2 a liter of flow. His oxygen saturation was at 100 most of the time I was there but they want to leave him where he is for now and start weaning the flow down in a day or so. He is going to get a Synigis shot this week for RSV. RSV is a respiratory virus that can be deadly for preemies. April is the end of RSV season but they are going to give it to him because the virus can still be around in April and they want him to be protected. He will also get his vaccinations this week. I asked about his lungs and our animals and his NP said they will not be a problem. She said studies are showing that children exposed to animals at an early age are less likely to have allergies and asthma.

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  1. What great news! Nicholas sounds like he is truly getting ready to come home. So glad the animal dander will not be a problem for his little lungs. I can just imagine that Bella will be his biggest protector in no time. They will no doubt be best of buddies before long. Love to all of you.