Friday, April 3, 2009

Loves his bouncy chair

We brought Nicholas his bouncy chair and he loved it. He was like OMG there is so much to see! He doesn't like the vibrating part of it but that's ok. Besides the chair, he is still getting 5 bottles and took 2/2 so far today. The speech therapist feeding him was canceled. His Vapotherm was lowered to 2 liters and his steroid breathing treatment was stopped. His thyroid medication was also stopped because his labs showed his thyroid is good now. Looks like we are in the home stretch and we are so ready for him to come home.


  1. YAY Nicholas! Hope you have him home soon

  2. How great you were able to bring up his chair. I am glad he is doing well. TAKE CARE!!!

  3. So nice to see Nicholas in his bouncy chair! He certainly looks like he enjoys it! Way to go, Nicholas.