Friday, May 1, 2009

Slow Recovery

Nicholas isn't recovering from surgery as quickly as we want him to. They extubated him this morning but his airway spasmed and tightened up. They tried to bag him through it but he wasn't breathing on his own so they had to re-intubate. They are giving him steroids for his lungs so this doesn't happen again. He is still sedated and on pain medication. They want to keep him sedated so he doesn't move his head around and aggravate his airways which could cause swelling and make it harder to extubate. That makes sense but it isn't what we are used to. They inserted a feeding tube into his nose and will start feeding him today. He is swollen but is peeing. I'm sure he will end up getting some Lasix because we know how he likes to hold on to fluid after surgery. He will probably be in the PICU through the weekend because of the breathing setback.

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