Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weight Check



We took Nicholas to get weighed and measured today. He is 12 lb 3oz and 21 3/4 inches. He is following the growth curve and is almost at the 3 percentile for his actual age. We also met with the special needs coordinator to go over his plan. We were happy to find out that she has someone at the Medicaid office that can get that fixed for us. Nicholas automatically qualified for Medicaid based on his birth weight and our income didn't matter. They started it Dec. 1, 2008 but it really should go back to his birth date. We also found out that because he is on Medicaid he qualifies for WIC, which is the state's Women, Infants, and Children program. We should get vouchers to cover the cost of his formula. That is great!

Bella had to have her whole nail removed. They said it might not grow back. She seems like she is in a little pain because her tail is calm and not hitting everything in its path. She just wanted some attention yesterday- first she broke a picture frame, then her toe nail, then Mark's sunglasses while she was at the vet. I added some pics of our other animals. We have one more cat, Zoe, but she has issues and lives either under the bed or under the couch.

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  1. Love the new pics and the pet babies:) He is looking more na dmore like you says matt:) We are so glad we have you three in our lives!