Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hearing Test

Well we made it down to MUSC in Charleston for Nicholas' ABR test and Mark managed to keep him awake in the car. The audiologist was able to test high and medium pitches in his left ear before he woke up. There was no response at the loudest level. She still needs to test at low pitches and the right ear. Nicholas was wide awake and ready to play so we couldn't finish the test. Of course he fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. We have to go back on Aug. 6 to test the right ear and finish the left. We are also going to meet with the surgeon who does the cochlear implants then too. The audiologist said that we will have to try hearing aids and if he is a candidate for the implant they will probably wait until he is one year adjusted which will be the end of next February. We won't know if he is a candidate for an implant until we can get a CT or MRI done and see if he has the nerves in his ears that will allow him to hear. I called Palmetto Health and asked for a disc with his CT scans from his shunt. Maybe if we are lucky those will also show his ears and the surgeon at MUSC will be able to use those so we won't have to get another test done.

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