Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Physical Therapy Evaluation

The physical therapist came out today to evaluate Nicholas. She is actually very impressed with his development. She doesn't feel that he is behind much at all. She did some tests to see his head control and reflexes. She said all his reflexes are great and she didn't feel any stiffness in his arms or legs. She wants us to work on his head control and neck strength. We can do this by pulling him up into a sitting position and doing tummy time on the boppy with his arms all the way over and off of it so he has to use his neck. She also wants us to do more Bumbo time. She is also recommending a corrective helmet for his head. I called the pediatrician about it and we are going to wait for her to look at his head until his appointment in August. The therapist is going to do weekly visits for now and said he will have fun next week when the therapy actually gets started. We were so happy to hear this because we thought he was falling behind. She said she isn't worried about him not being able to crawl or walk but that it may take longer and he will do it on his time. This is wonderful news since his Grade IV brain bleed can have a big impact on his development and ability to walk. Tomorrow we have his long ABR at MUSC to test his hearing.

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