Thursday, August 6, 2009

ABR #3

We went to MUSC in Charleston today to finish Nicholas' Auditory Brain Stem Response hearing test. He slept and we were able to finish it this time. He had no response at any frequency up to 100 decibels, which is the loudest the test goes. It is equivalent to a helicopter or a rock concert right next to your ear. So this means he has profound hearing loss and is deaf. We also met with the surgeon who does the cochlear implants. He feels the implant is the way to go and we agree. I brought the CT scan from his shunt surgery and they were able to see that he has a cochlea, which is good. We still need to get an MRI done so they can see the cochlear nerve which is needed to be able to hear with the implant. The doctor said he has never seen a deaf person without the nerve so he strongly feels he will have it and will be able to get the implant. We are going to do the MRI here in Columbia in October and we go back to MUSC to meet with the surgeon and the audiologist in November. We will have to try hearing aids first because the FDA and insurance requires the trial before a person can get the implant. The hearing aids won't allow him to hear though. Surgery for the implant will be Jan. or Feb. when he is around a year adjusted.

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  1. Oh, what a sweet boy! I found your blog through google. Our little guy only has a moderate loss (so hearing aids help a lot), but we have lots of friends who use cochlear implants to hear (and they're all doing great)! Just wanted to send some electronic support- I have a link to Drew's blog on the side of mine. He has bilateral implants and originally had no detectable hearing up to 120 dB (he's a little rockstar- that boy can talk like you wouldn't believe)!