Sunday, August 23, 2009

All Better

Nicholas seems to be recovered from his surgery. His incisions look good and still have a little bit of scab to them. It doesn't seem tender or to bother him. He regressed a little with his head control since we weren't able to do his exercises for about 2 weeks. We started them again and physical therapy comes out on Tuesday. He had 3 weeks without PT because she was on vacation and then we had the shunt malfunction. Hopefully he will get back on track quickly. He is trying so hard to roll over but can't get it yet. He gets both arms in the direction he wants to roll and turns his head face down but he can't get his hips over. He even swings his top leg out to get some momentum but it hasn't worked. Hopefully soon. Everything has been pretty slow for us. We don't even have any doctor appointments until mid September. September also brings RSV season so Nicholas will be on lock down and we can't take him anywhere so he doesn't get sick. Our new computer should be here this week so we will be able to post pictures again.

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