Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ER Visit

We took Nicholas to the ER last night. His soft spot was bulging, he vomited his dinner, and he was crying and whimpering like we've never heard him do before. Those are all signs of shunt problems and when they appear we have to take him to the hospital. He vomited 6 more times at the hospital. They took x-rays to follow the shunt tubing from his brain to his stomach and did a CT scan of his brain. His shunt is working just fine. They diagnosed him with the stomach flu. The doctor said that any pressure in his stomach will travel up the shunt tubing and make his soft spot swell even though the shunt is working. Thank goodness it wasn't a shunt problem. Nicholas has been a crabby little boy. He was up just about all night and is crying and whimpering still. He hasn't vomited since we got home from the ER. We are giving him Pedialite today and are going to see the pediatrician tomorrow. Nicholas also turned 9 months old last Saturday. Can you believe it, our little boy is getting so big. We had to cancel physical therapy today but she will be back next week. Our new computer is coming today or tomorrow so I will be able to post pictures again soon.


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  2. Hi Nicholas,

    Good luck later today at the doctor's office. Hope all goes well. And don't leave without some treat-sorry, no lollipops yet.