Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cochlear Implant CT

Nicholas had the CT to look for the cochlear nerve yesterday. He needs to have this nerve in order to get the implant. His surgeon said he has never seen anyone without it so we have our fingers crossed. Everything went well and Mark was very pleased with the children's hospital this time. I'll call MUSC in a few days to see if they have the results. We go back down there to meet with the surgeon and audiologist Nov. 12.

He had PT today and did well for half of it. Then he had enough and let everyone know. Nothing new with PT, just continue to work on what we are doing.

The pulmonologist had to reschedule his first Synagis shot. Insurance approved 5 shots starting in Nov. so his appointment is now Nov. 6 instead of this Friday. Synagis is for RSV which is a respiratory virus. It is very dangerous for preemies if they get it because their lungs were so underdeveloped and their chronic lung disease. Synagis doesn't prevent RSV but it lessens the severity of it.

Nicholas is doing really well with his baby food. He sits up well in his high chair and has been eating a whole container 2-3 times a day.

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