Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Week turned out slow

Nicholas lucked out with two things this week. His physical therapist has an infection so she had to cancel. She has to get permission from her doctor before she can treat patients again so we aren't sure if she will be here next week or not.

The CT for the cochlear implant was scheduled for tomorrow but was changed to Monday. A nurse called for his history and after giving her his history and talking to a doctor, the doctor felt it would be best to fully sedate him with anesthesia. He will have to be put on a ventilator too. With his history of chronic lung disease and sleep apnea full sedation is safer.

He has been laughing a lot lately. We tickle him on his neck and stomach and he loves it. He also thinks he is a big boy and doesn't want to take naps anymore. This has caused him to be one crabby boy a lot and has messed up his sleep schedule. He fights sleep all day and finally falls asleep between 5-7 so he is up late.
11 months old tomorrow!

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  1. Dear Corinne and Mark-
    I hope all went well with Nicholas today! You are in our thoughts and prayers! He looks so cute in his cardinal outfit!
    Love, Kelly