Saturday, October 24, 2009

He Rolled Over!

It was kind of a busy week for Nicholas. On Monday he had early intervention. His EI was very impressed with him. He was wide awake and showed off his tracking and grabbing skills. He even imitated her by sticking his tongue out after she did. Tuesday was his normal physical therapy. He did well and as always, is improving every week. After working his muscles in PT he rolled over later that day! He hasn't done it again but that is a huge milestone. Wednesday he had an occupational therapy evaluation. He did well and she is coming back next week with her evaluation results and to determine how often she is going to see him. Today Nicholas and I got our flu shots. He did well, probably better than Mommy. I was planning on getting the mist because I hate needles. The nurse said that since the mist is a live virus I could easily pass it on so the shot would be safer to get. So I sucked it up and got the shot.

Still no official yes or no about the CT for the cochlear implant. I called on Thursday and they received the disc and the Dr. was reviewing it. I never heard back so I called on Friday and the Dr. and his nurse we not there. The nurse that I talked to looked at his chart and Dr. L wrote that he needs to complete the cochlear implant evaluation with audiology and speech. We are taking that as his ears are good because why would he say he needs to see audiology to complete the eval process if he doesn't have the right ear parts. The nurse is supposed to call me on Monday.

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