Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2nd Shunt

The full GI on Friday showed everything is normal. He continued to not eat over the weekend. They placed a TP tube on Friday to feed him. A TP tube goes down his nose, past his stomach, and into his small intestine. Peds switched him from the preemie formula which has 22 calories an ounce to Pediasure which has 30.

Since he still wouldn't eat and we exhausted all GI tests his neurosurgeon decided to try the 4th ventricle shunt again. He had surgery today. He has two shunts working off one valve. The valve is programmable but the ventricles should balance themselves out since the CSF can flow freely from ventricle to ventricle. His neurosurgeon also surgically cleaned up the incision from a few weeks ago. The incision that came open when he had the huge swelling and started leaking didn't heal like it should have. He cut away around it to get rid of any bacteria that could have entered. Nicholas has 4 big bandages on his head so we don't know what anything looks like. We can try feeding him when he is ready but there are no guarantees that he will eat. We are prepared to get a G-Tube if he needs it but have our fingers crossed that he will eat.

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