Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Children's Hospital

We had a much better experience with the children's hospital this time. I think we are also just used to it by now too. I want to highlight some of the nice things about the hospital this past visit. Nicholas spent the majority of the second half of his six week stay on the cancer and blood disorders floor. The infant and toddler floor was full when he was being moved so he went to the 5th floor. We really liked this floor. It was a lot quieter and peaceful. The nurses were great and really showed a love for their job and patients. Nicholas was a big flirt with his nurses too.

The hospital has a program called Happy Wheels that comes every Monday. http://www.happywheelscolumbia.org/ They give each child in the hospital a free toy or book each week during their visit. Nicholas got a big box of Clipos, a toy giraffe, and three books. He also got three blankets from Child Life.
There is a music therapist who would always try to come in. We finally told her he can't hear but she wanted to come in and play the guitar for his feet. Nicholas loved it and she let us borrow a guitar for the rest of his visit. He can feel the vibrations and really enjoys it. Daddy is on the hunt for a good cheap guitar now.
PT, OT, and SLP came by to work with him a little and they let us borrow a Feeder Chair. It was a chair that he could use and not have to lay in bed all day. He eventually learned how to get his head out and try to escape it.

The last week he was there it was the Children's Miracle Network Radiothan and Richie the Raccoon, the hospital mascot, came to visit. There was also a concert by Edwin McCain on the CBD floor. Nicholas got to meet his first celebrity! He missed the animal therapy day because he was discharged.
Yesterday he had his 15 month well visit. His pediatrician is very happy with him considering everything he has been through. She wants him to go to a dentist soon, that should be fun, and said to try a baking soda toothpaste. It probably won't get rid of his brown teeth but we will try anything. He was up to 17.5 pounds and 28 inches. He was down to 16 pounds in the hospital so he is gaining weight back. She said we can us scar cream on his head to see if it helps his multiple scars. We have to follow the GI doctor on what to feed him right now and he has an appointment with him next week. He had physical therapy today and did great. His therapist doesn't think he regressed and showed better head control and weight bearing on his legs. She is also going to see if she can get us a feeder chair paid for by insurance.


  1. We got got ourselves and "Super Grandson"

  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Nicholas.
    Grandma loves you.