Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Great Progress Today

Yesterday wasn't a very good day for Nicholas. The GI doctor wanted to keep him on a continuous feed and have us try to feed him by mouth. He didn't want to eat by mouth and threw up four times. It didn't make much sense to me to have him constantly fed and try to eat on top of that. He always had a full stomach so I don't blame him for not eating. Today they switched to having us try feeding him by mouth then put the rest in his feeding tube. He has done so well today. He has taken a little more than half by mouth and no vomiting. The bad thing about this is that we have to feed him every three hours around the clock, even when he is sleeping. This is how he was fed in the NICU. Hopefully he will go home tomorrow. He will probably still have the feeding tube but it shouldn't be needed for long. He also has a diaper rash or yeast infection. This new formula gives him nasty dirty diapers and has irritated him. They ordered some cream that will take care of both yeast and diaper rash. He was supposed to get his cochlear implant today. Now only four more months to wait.

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