Wednesday, March 10, 2010

He is Home!

After 6 weeks in the hospital Nicholas is finally home.

5 shunt revisions
1 Externalization
1 Broviac
1 Port
1 GI scope
Diagnosed with EE
Found a gallstone
3 new medications
Temporary feeding tube
And no cochlear implant

He has done so well eating by mouth today that we haven't had to tube any feedings. A home health nurse is available to put the feeding tube back in if he pulls it out and she will also flush his port once a month. Friday he gets his last Synagis shot and his sutures removed. Monday he has his 15 month well visit with the pediatrician, only a month late. PT, OT, and speech will start again next week.


  1. Welcome home Nicholas! We can't wait to see you during Spring Break.

    We love you!

    Aunt Heather and Uncle John :)

  2. Great news! It has to be wonderful just to be home again. Keep making progress, Nicholas!