Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally 19 pounds

Allergy testing

He is going to hate us one day for putting a picture of him wearing a durag on here.

Nicholas had his follow up appointment with the pediatrician for his ear today. It looks great! He also gained more weight and finally hit 19 pounds. He is 19lb. 1oz. The doctor is setting up a dentist appointment for him. His teeth went back to brown. It is very weird. They came in brown then looked so much better because they lightened up and we just yellow, but they are back to brown. I don't think there is anything a dentist can do since they are discolored either from medication or from his liver in such bad shape when he was in the NICU. They aren't stained, the tooth buds were effected, so whitening products won't work. We'll see what she says. He did really well in therapy this week. His physical therapist thinks he will be sitting in about three months. Maybe it will be a birthday present to himself. His play time will be so improved when he can sit. In occupational therapy he is doing well transferring toys from hand to hand. He is using his left hand a lot more and it isn't clenched as much. His thumb is a lot looser too. It used to be hard to get his thumb to open away from his first finger. In speech we are supposed to work on six sounds called the Ling 6. They are ah, oo, mmm, ee, sh, and s. We are supposed to have a toy that represents each sound and make the sound six times then show him the toy so he can learn what toy corresponds to each sound. Both his speech therapist and his pediatrician commented on how he is more responsive with the cochlear implant. He is definitely hearing things. He can hear the microwave beep from across the house. We turn it up to level 4 this week and he goes for a mapping session next week already.

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