Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Little Stinker

Nicholas has learned how to take everything off his head. It has become a challenge to keep his CI on. We have tried hats, bandannas, a buff, www.buffwear.com, durags, and toupee tape. He pulls all the covers off his head within a few minutes. The toupee tape was holding up for a few hours at a time but he just pulls that off now too. That tape is STRONG! It is hard to pull it off the few times he still has it on at bed time. The only thing that he hasn't pulled off is the durag because it is tight. I tried it on to make sure it isn't too tight, and it isn't, but I don't really like having something that tight over his shunt so we aren't using it. So we are going through a lot of toupee tape right now. Once he is sitting it will be a little better since his rolling doesn't help keep it on his head.

This week he has early intervention, speech, PT, and OT. We are also going to try to get him into the pediatrician for a follow up on his almost ear infection from last week. Thanks to TWC we don't have internet at home for more than two minutes at a time so I can't load any pictures right now.

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