Monday, July 12, 2010

Milk Allergy

Last week Nicholas had an appointment with the pediatric allergist. This doctor specializes in food allergies. Nicholas had skin testing done to see if we could figure out what caused the EE. They use a cartridge thing with 6 spikes in it. He had 3 of these done on his back and a few single pricks. He hated it! Well, he is allergist to cow's milk and cockroaches. I think it is really strange that they test for cockroaches. The doctor said we can give him a soy formula rather than EleCare. The EleCare is over $30 a can and it smells horrible. So we are trying Enfamil Enfagrow Soy. It is the toddler formula and the only one that doesn't come flavored. The milk based toddler formulas come in vanilla and chocolate. Not fair! This smells horrible too so we are flavoring it with strawberry syrup. The whole time he was on EleCare we were flavoring it with caramel syrup because he liked it better than strawberry. Well there is milk in the caramel syrup so he can't have that anymore. Besides the allergy doctor he had is usual therapy appointments.

On Saturday we thought he had his first cold. He had a runny and stuffy nose. He also had a low grade fever so we took him to the doctor yesterday. It was his first sick appointment. The doctor saw fluid in his ear and said we caught it right before it turned into and ear infection. He gave him some antibiotics and he is supposed to go back for a checkup next week.

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