Friday, July 9, 2010

Fourth of July

Nicholas and I had a full day on the 4th. We started with a BBQ at a friend's house. Then we went to the Freedom Festival at the outdoor mall. They had the parking area closed off and had tents set up with arts and crafts and other vendors. They also had bands all day long. He heard his first band play. They were called Black Bottom Muffin or Brown Bottom Biscuit- something like that. We stayed there for a couple of hours then went home so he could eat and cool off. Then we went back to the BBQ for dinner and ended the night back at the Freedom Festival for fireworks. I didn't have his CI turned on for the fireworks because I figured it would scare him and if he pulled it off and threw it I would never find it in the dark. He enjoyed the fireworks and smiled at them. He got crabby in the car on the way home. It was way past his bedtime and it took half and hour to get out of the parking lot- I was crabby about that too. Next year we are going to park in a neighborhood across the street and walk. Overall he did really good for being out of his element all day.

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