Monday, July 5, 2010

More about CI Activation

When we got to the audiologist's office the first thing she did was put the processor on Nicholas and run a test on the computer. He wasn't hearing anything yet but the test was stimulating his brain with different levels of sound and the computer would show where his brain responded. It was kind of the same idea as the ABR test he had last year. This told her the quietest and loudest sound his brain responded to and how to program his processor. Then she turned it on and he responded by crying. She said crying is the best response he could give because it shows there really is a difference when he has the CI on. She then tried different levels of sound to get it to where he still responded when it was turned on but didn't take long to settle down. She said she wanted him to show a response when it was turned on and we will go back in a month for reprogramming. There are four volume levels currently on the processor. We are going up in volume each week. She said that your brain gets used to a volume over time and it needs to be increased. Just like your body gets used to exercise and you have to mix it up to still see results. He also saw the doctor who just checked the incision site and said it healed very nicely. He was happy with Nicholas' response when the CI was turned on. The piece on his head is magnetic but it is still going to be a challenge to keep it on his head. If he brushes his head again something like his stroller or car seat it will fall off. He can also just pull it off his head. Another mom gave me some really good tips on how she keeps her son's on. Here is their blog. Right now we are using toupee tape and one piece is lasting a few hours unless he is really rolling around. He seems to be getting used to it and doesn't cry as long when we turn it on. He also seems to be hearing things because he will pause and look around. He looks at his toys differently now too if they make noise.

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