Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Sigh of Relief

The neurosurgeon was back today and looked at the ultrasound. He said the clot and enlarging of the 4th ventricle is very common. He is not worried about it and will let it resolve on its own. It would cause more harm than good to go in surgically and remove it. It will break down on its own and move out of the body. As long as the lateral ventricle is getting smaller, which it is, we are ok.

So now we are back on track for the hernia repair next week. They are going to schedule it on Monday for sometime that week. He will also be circumcised while he is put under.

They stopped the speech therapy for now because they don't agree with the G- Tube recommendation from the therapist at this time. The hernia repair should help with his bottle feeds and his breathing. They want to see him get back to where he is now 2 weeks after the surgery. I asked about the length of time he has been stuck at three bottle and found out it is very common. Babies get to a point and can just stay there for a while. So no G-tube for now.

Now the hope is for an April homecoming but it will probably be later.

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  1. Grandma & Grandpa Matthews are both happy to hear this news on Nicholas. He is doing good. And we love watching Nicholas in the videos too. Go Nicholas!!!